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Pallet Recovery

Our RPS pallet recovery service can then be utilised to help reduce your reliance on new pallet purchases by arranging for your existing pallets to be collected from your customers and re-used on an ongoing basis. RPS's strategic haulage links ensure collections can be completely quickly and reliably across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Your pallets are your assets! It makes both commercial and environmental sense to recover them from your customers. Our experience indicates that recovering and re-using your pallets is up to 50% less expensive then continually buying new pallets. It can also help significantly with your environmental packaging strategy.

The RPS pallet recovery service is a simple process - collect, inspect, sort, repair and return. It is, however, expertly implemented by our experienced and dedicated team. RPS has many years experience of the techniques needed to maximise pallet and packaging return levels and significant in-house expertise on pallet management. Our proud boast is that we never send a pallet to landfill. All our pallet timbers are either re-used or recycled.

There are no entry costs for this service and no financial risks. RPS only invoices you for the recovered pallets once they are returned to your site... at a level significantly less than the costs of a new pallet.

Recovery rates can vary depending on client commitment to the recovery process, but typically we recover between 50-80% of our clients' pallets for them to re-use.

RPS are an ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 registered firm.

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